Thursday, May 07, 2009

NY and the rain

Rain doesn't stop us...

We rode the ferry from Staten Island. It's a long trip that way. It's also cheaper. The bus from here is like 20 per person and the ferry is free. Parking isn't but it's a whole lot cheaper than the bus for 7 people to get into the city.

Our destination on this day of all days was the Central Park Zoo. We needed something that the kids could do. Karl wanted to go to the MOMA but my kids can't even behave at a park how are they going to act around precious art? Yeah, they belong at the zoo! In order to get to the zoo we had to use the subway. Dun, dun, dun. Trying to watch out for that many short people is waaaay too stressful! I practically held Seth's hand the whole day. I also constantly counted 1,2, 3. Ok, I've got all mine.

The zoo was delightful.

It's small but all the animals have swank little enclosures. We also got to hear all about the penguins and the nesting preparations they're doing. Oh, while we were looking at the polar bears I did a double take on the guy standing next to me. It's so cool to see famous people!

We also went to the petting zoo since it's free with your zoo admission.

After feeding animals and clambering all over everything we sat and had some ice cream. So far so good. No rain yet but the clouds were darker. On the way out of the zoo area we tried for one last shot of the kids with grandma.

They didn't cooperate.

Good thing we were done for the day. A quick little side trip into the gift shop and BOOM, the skies opened up and the rain poured down. My practical daughter opted to get an umbrella as her gift. Smart kid. We had 4 other umbrellas with us. Without further ado out we went into the rain, rivers, and small lakes of water all over the ground. I had to carry Seth so we could share an umbrella. 30 pounds gets heavy quickly.

On to one more long subway ride. Straight onto the ferry with a death grip on my kids through the throngs of people. Back to the car for the drive home. Finally home. 3 hours after we left the zoo.


It was a fun day. Even if my backpack got wet all the way to the bottom!


woman at the well said...

It was a great day, particularly since YOU did the navigating and driving! Thanks!

Samantha said...

instead of telling you that it looks like a great day out, even w/rain, I'm going to be selfish and jealous and wish I lived that close to NYC. Sigh.