Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Chicago skyline from Lake Michigan. Cool and cloudy.

Wow. That was awesome! A long weekend away, good friends, good food, sight seeing, and the traveling was easy. Awesome.

Friday we didn't do very much. We saw Mark's theater space and Leann's massage studio. (Silly me, I didn't take pictures of it.) Went to dinner at Opart Thai. That was some delicious Thai food.

Saturday we were tourists. We headed down to the Navy Pier. A little wandering, shopping, lunch, and then a quick boat tour. It was actually pretty chilly and it was even colder out on the water! The half hour tour that went out on the lake was perfect. So was the hot coffee afterward!

I think I look awful in this shot but Dan likes it...

Cold, cold, cold.

Sweet lighthouse!

Saturday night we went to see Mark's play, Rough Crossing, at the Piccolo Theater. It was a wonderful show. The whole cast was fabulous. After the show we all went (most of the cast and a whole bunch of Leann and Mark's friends) to a sports bar to watch the rest of the Blackhawks game. When in Rome... No, it was really fun. I got to talk to a lot of new people.

Sunday, more tourism. This time we went to Art Institute of Chicago, Millennium Park and walked just a bit on Michigan Ave.

For those of you who have seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

The bean in Millennium Park.

What we look like in the bean.

I love how it warps the reflection. So cool. That little light is me. My camera decided it was too dark outside.

A shot of Michigan Ave.

Mark and Leann had a BBQ on Sunday evening that lasted late into the night. Not something we're used to with little kids! Either that or I am getting old.

To finish off our trip we had to get Deep Dish Pizza at Gino's! Isn't that what Chicago is known for? Then is was back to the airport. Home again, home again, giggity, gig.

I really liked Chicago. It's a great city. I love that it's easy to navigate in and I can drive there! It isn't like driving in NY where you are sure you're taking your life in your hands. Really awesome. I realized as I was going through all my pictures that I never got a picture of Mark and Leann together or a picture of Dan and Mark. Oops. Next time...

Mark, hard at work... ok, probably not. He was probably checking his facebook account!


Scylla said...

It looks like an awesome trip! I can't wait until Oliver is ready for Lee and I to get away together again!

Amy Y said...

How fun! I'm glad you got to have a kids free weekend!!

I love Chicago, too. It's definitely the best part of the midwest... and the only cool city near Indy where I grew up.

woman at the well said...

It was great to see the photos! Thanks. Looks like you hit all the tourist spots and had a great time.

Samantha said...

what an awesome trip- and your photos are fabulous!!