Friday, May 15, 2009

Growing up

Hannah isn't so little anymore. You tend to not notice a lot of the little things. It all adds up though. The eye rolling, sarcasm, etc.

I've been in denial about the whole middle school thing which is just right around the corner. Next fall she'll be going off to middle school. Ack! I can't believe she's old enough to go to middle school. Didn't she just start kindergarten? Middle school, huh... and in 3 years she'll be in high school! Am I really this old?

To add fuel to the growing up fire, we went shoe shopping yesterday. The selection for her size was really limited and I thought I'd check and see how small the women's sizes were... They. actually. fit. her. She wears women's shoes! Size 6! She already wants a cell phone and an Ipod. Next thing you know she'll be starting her period, asking to wear make-up, and wanting to date! AHHH! She did ask me if she could buy high heels, after all the shoe selection increased dramatically for her. Ah, no. Flats only, you're 10!

It really does go so fast.

Meanwhile, Seth still lives comfortably in little boy land. He wants to be a Superhero when he grows up and he's going to use his powers to stop tornados! (Imagine him puffing out his chest and with hands on his hips. Then he puts his hand out to stop the tornado like you'd stop traffic.) He has no idea what a tornado really is...

He's going to do all that growing up stuff too, huh. Well, he won't be wearing women's shoes... You can't stop tornados in heels.


Tiffy said...

Are you sure about that? Ever seen "Wonder Woman's" outfit?

Scylla said...


Hannah is not buying her shoes in the women's section because that would make you old enough to have a daughter who buys her shoes in the women's section which would make me old enough to have a YOUNGER friend who has a daughter old enough to buy her shoes in the women's section.