Saturday, May 16, 2009


I added the borders to the quilt top last night. I know it would have looked fine without them but I really wanted it to be a bit bigger.I watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy while I did it. Poor George. I got way behind on all the shows I like to watch. I do love my DVR.

Anyway, I like this quilt. It doesn't have a home yet though. Did you know it's hard to take a picture of a quilt top outside with a breeze?

This weekend is full of fun. Seth had a birthday party this morning (yeah, there's practically one a weekend!) and we're taking the big kids to see Star Trek this afternoon. Tiff kindly said Seth could play at her house so we could go. I owe them one...

Tomorrow we're gonna hit Six Flags again. Since Mom and Paul are moving my brother really wants to go there before he leaves Jersey. My kids will go ride roller coasters any day so this certainly isn't a hardship.

I haven't done the garden yet. I suck, I know! I guess I'm gonna have to go with seedling when I do finally get it done. I like gardening, maybe that isn't accurate, I like the idea of gardening a lot. Fresh veggies right from your yard, using our compost to grow all the food in, ahh, perfect... I just have to go do it. That is much easier said then done. See, I am truly a slacker.

I do have some strawberries in a pot! From last year!

Well, I better get going. The movie is in a hour. Here are a few cute pics I took of Seth. I need to get more of the other kids too.

What's your favorite snack? Yup, black olives. He asks for them.

Who's your favorite stuffed animal that goes everywhere with you? Puppy. Puppy goes everywhere!


Gayle Crispin said...

I love your blog - can't believe I'm just finding it now! Secretly jealous of your quilting too. Will try to be a more dedicated blog stalker from now on!

ellen said...

Stalk away!