Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The middle man

Today is all about my middle man. Simon. He is 8 years old today. It's crazy but true. 8 years ago we lived in West Seattle in cute little craftsman house two blocks from Alki beach. Boy was I huge while I was pregnant. Simon took his time coming out too. I woke up each morning and cried because I was still pregnant. I told my husband I'd be the first woman to be pregnant forever! I meant it too. He decided to make me wait almost 2 whole weeks before he came into this world. Since he took so long he got to get big in there. He was 10.4 when he was born!

Seeing how he was enormous we jokingly called him Enor the Moose. He latched on within minutes of birth and didn't stop. He grew like a weed. Since about 2 he's been Hannah's size. She had him beat by height for a while but now they are the same height but he out weighs her.

As you know he's gone through a lot in his life so far. He's had major surgery and has to live with the scoliosis caused by his condition for the rest of his life. He wears his brace everyday and he's such a trooper about it. That doesn't mean he doesn't want out of the brace but he excepts his fate and moves forward. We took him in yesterday to get a new brace. The kid's growing. We had to jump through some insurance hoops to save ourselves $750, which is how much more we'd have to pay come January, but that also means we are paying $500 out of pocket at Christmas time. It's always something, isn't it?

He is also a lot like me. Meaning he won't shut up. Talk, talk, talk, all he does is talk. Whatever he thinks, he verbalizes, at top vloume. Talk, talk, talk... unless he is playing on the X box. His favorite thing ever!

He rocks at Tae Kwon Do too. He's already a purple belt.

He's doing great at school. Of course.

He is great.

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful son.

Happy Birthday, Simon.


Susan said...

Happy birthday kiddo!

Monica said...

Happy Birthday, Simon! Eight is great, little dude.

Amy Y said...

Look at you! You look so different!
Hope he had a fantastic day... :)

Momma Mohawk said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

Scylla said...

Happy belated birthday Simon! I hope it was a lot of fun!