Friday, December 05, 2008

These eyes, they are a changin'

Since she is a product of Dan and I it was inevitable that she'd need glasses one day. That day has come. The doctor last month said she needed to get her eyes checked, the school nurse last week said she needed her eyes checked, and the reminder that it had been a year since her last eye exam came in too. Gee, do you think we should go to the ophthalmologist?

We all went in and got our eyes checked together yesterday. Simon is better than 20/20 and quite smug about it. Dan and I are both still the same, ya know, we still need glasses but things didn't get any worse. Hannah, she definitely needed to get glasses. Her eyes are worse then mine. Mine really aren't that bad. I think she picked out a really cute pair. She didn't want to get them or wear them. Poor kid, glasses and braces. I think she's beautiful. It adds to her smart look she's got goin' on.

After school today we went back to pick them up. I asked her to wear them home just to see if she thought things looked different. Pretty much every sentence she said started with, "The way I used to see..." She also told me just a little bit ago that she doesn't think she'll just wear them for school.

It's nice to be able to see clearly, isn't it?


Susan said...

Tell Simon it is only a matter of time before his genes catch up to him.

woman at the well said...

Oh, tell Hannah she does look like me - very smart :)
When Paul started wearing glasses in second grade, he'd had no idea the world wasn't actually blurry, poor kid. I thought his eyes had been screened in school, but apparently not :(

Aunt Debbie said...


Let Hannah know that Aunt Debbie thinks she looks extremely smart and all grown up with her new look - glasses and braces. It brings a smile to my face to see such a beautiful little girl!

Laura D said...

Do not forget to tell simon that when you were his age you had the sam eye site as he does, now look you. Tee hee. Hannah looks great in her glasses.