Tuesday, December 02, 2008

It's pajama time

Look, flannel pajamas! I made something!

They are a little on the large side. (Extra Large) I swear I cut out the medium pattern and used the longer length. Yeah, Dan swims in them a bit. I had him try them on yesterday and they are humongous! Of course he loves them and thinks they are very comfy. To which I responded, "Good. Now, give them back. You can't have them until Christmas." Aren't I sweet? Hey, he asked for hockey fabric and he got that. Now he must wait...

Can I say, I am trying hard not to make comments about his pants saying "Goal!". Thankfully they don't say "Score!". I'd never stop snickering like Beavis if they did. Hu, hu, score. I am truly still 12.

Where was I? Flannel pajamas. I have more patterns and more pajamas to make! All 5 of us in our little family are getting a pair of pj's for Christmas. Of course I had to make some for me too.

I'll get started on the ornaments soon. So, what are you making/giving for Christmas this year?

BTW, if I ever turn into that crazy old lady who makes lacy doilies and ugly quilted vests for everyone for Christmas feel free to shot me... or at least give me a heads up that what I am making just isn't cutting it anymore. Thanks.


Susan said...

How does Dan's waist compare to the measurement chart on the pattern? That might be why they seem big.

Want to know something humorous? I stole your idea & I think that is the same pattern that I got for flannel bottoms I am making for Ben & Cade! Tee hee!

ellen said...

Well, on the back of the pattern envelope it says, Medium is waist size 32-34, but when I just looked at the patter itself it says, Finished Garment Measurements Hip- Medium 45".... I don't get it. Is that length? I'll just make mine smaller.

Hopefully the boys will like their pajama bottoms. I know your will look better because well, let's face it, you have a LOT more experience sewing clothing than I do.

Amy Y said...

I knitted my mom a hat and matching scarf this year. I'm also knitting scarves (easy! quick!) for two gift exchanges. My new year's resolution is to learn how to knit socks!! Must find a class to take... I'm sure people are getting bored with hats and scarves!

Susan said...

I'm going to work on mine on Sunday. I'll take pictures of how to do the elastic for you if you want...

Yours look just as good as mine will. They are pretty hard to mess up.