Saturday, August 11, 2007

Goodbye Drew. Bright fun colors.

Last night we had people over to say goodbye to one of our dear friends. Drew is escaping Jersey and returning to Seattle. Can you blame him? Seattle has to be one of the coolest places on earth. I love that town. We have hopes of going back there someday ourselves. Cozy rain, ferry boats, the market place, breathtaking mountain and water views... ahhh.

Anyway, Drew is taking off on Monday and his wife Winnie will stay here until she gets a job out there or the house sells. I am glad we get to keep her for a bit but I am sure she'd rather be back home with her hubby. So Drew wouldn't forget about all of us we got him a little going away present. A big "I love NJ" shirt ought to do it!

Goodbye Drew, we'll miss you. Hannah and Simon will miss climbing on you too! I hope you like your new job.

I actually had sometime to myself yesterday! Maria and Claire were over playing with Hannah and Simon, Seth was napping, and I was.... quilting! I know, I know, shocking.

I took some pictures as I went through some of the stages.
Ready to cut! I think the Shape Cut is one of the best quilter tools. It makes strip cutting soooo much easier.

Now, it's time for the blocks to be pieced together.

Such a good little helper. He doesn't sit still for long but he likes to help.

All the blocks are ready to go! Baby quilts are nice to do because they have such instant gratification. It can take such a long time to piece a big quilt so the little ones seem easy.


woman at the well said...

I saw the original fabric and thought "ouch" but the quilt looks very good. I'm just not good a visualizing the end result from the original stuff. Have you noticed that Seth always seems to have his tongue sticking out in photos? Think he's trying to tell us something?

shawna said...

i love the way the colors work on the quilt. beautiful!

Amy York said...

Those are great colors! Sorry to hear your friends are leaving but I am sure you will join them one day! :)

Susan said...

You should make some fudge for Winnie to take back with her when she leaves. That way he will know what they are missing by leaving NJ :)

ellen said...

Seth has been sticking his little tongue out a lot lately.

I love how bright the colors are. The only request I got was no pastels... she didn't know that she then gave me freedom to go so bright!!!

No fudge for now, come Christmas Drew will be calling, "Ellen...."

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Actually, I imagine enough to say "No pastels" probably knows that she's unleashing more creativity and bright colors into the world.

Besides, how much more fun for you than to limit you to a range of traditional "baby" colors.

I think it looks fabulous. I sure hope "she" appreciates it. Somehow, I suspect she will.

Heh heh heh!