Monday, May 03, 2010

Weekend at a glance

Simon got his next belt. He is 4 belts away from getting his black belt!

Seth and I had some time just the two of us, so we went to get ice cream.

Misty and I spent a few hours in the city on Sunday. I sure wish she still lived out here, but she is home where she needs to be. We had so much fun though. Mani-pedi's and sushi for lunch... a great day in the city!

Look what they did to Times Square! They blocked off the traffic and have cafe style seating.

Devon and Monica's wedding reception was fabulous. They held it at Queens County Farm. It was awesome for the kids and grown ups too.

Congratulations to them both. They are truly perfect for each other! (Oh, and they loved their quilt too!) Here's a picture of my disheveled family!

Seth and a little girl named Abby hit it off... at least, Seth thought so...

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Amy Y said...

I love your family picture ~ you are so cute :)
Glad you had fun with Misty!! It sure sounds perfect to me!