Monday, May 31, 2010

Anniversary, parade, and a science experiment

Today we celebrated our 14 year wedding anniversary! We spent the day with a few friends and some good BBQ food. I don't need anything fancy to celebrate. I think that's one of the things I love about our relationship. Neither of us requires a big display or expensive gifts to show the other person that they are valued and loved. We are good together. However, next year we are going to try to do something to celebrate being married for 15 years. We never had a honeymoon. We got married so young and had absolutely no money, so our honeymoon was a week off of work. Next year we're going to go somewhere, just the two of us...

So, today was a great day. We started with Simon and I walking in the Memorial Day Parade with his Cub Scout Pack. Dan took the other two to watch and Seth apparently loved all the fire trucks. This afternoon I got a chance to introduce my philosophy teacher to a few of our friends. When I met him I just knew he'd get along with them. We had to move inside when it started to down pour. The kids ran out and played in the rain, splashing in all the puddles. How often do you get to do that? We even lost power for a while and even with that it was still a really great day.

I have no good segue here so...

I got my garden started last Friday. The yard looks so completely different now. The grass looks awful though and I need to get some mulch or something put around the raised beds.


Without meaning to I got to show the kids how important sunlight is for a plant when it's growing. Call it our science experiment. The window shadowed the corner where the smaller tomato plant sat. Amazing isn't it?

So, take a moment on Memorial Day and remember all the veterans that have served our country so well. Thank you.

Happy Anniversary, Daniel. I love you.

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Paula Glover said...

Maybe next year, you guys can take a slightly later "honeymoon" when the kids are out of school, and we can keep them on the farm!

I like the pattern for the quilt, also, and the back yard is coming along ... I'm so glad I get to see photos on the web, it makes it easier to be away from you guys.