Saturday, May 22, 2010

Garden and blocks

Boy, things don't settle down here at all. Sadly, my aunt passed away earlier this week. We all thought we were going to lose her last summer when she was sent home from the hospital with hospice. She defied the odds and lived almost another year. She was very sick, so in some ways it's a blessing that she was finally able to let go. My family is in a bit of upheaval with her death, but it'll all work out. When they decide on a memorial service time and place I'll buy my tickets to Denver. I think it'll be a week or so.

In the mean time I will continue to fill up my days even without school work. Yard work, helping at the school, quilting, and some leisure reading. Ahh, it's fabulous. I have so many quilt projects I want to do that I don't even know where to start! I began with some blocks I've been meaning to complete for the quilt guild's charity quilts. I made blocks for 3 different quilts.

The kids and I started tomatoes, basil, oregano, and we just started some peppers from seed.

Seth and Hannah have been my little gardening helpers. Simon isn't interested all that much. When I get out the camera Hannah runs like the camera is her enemy.

Hannah did help me plant a blueberry plant. Is it a bush or a tree? I had a great spot for it in the backyard. I need to get a picture of the finished project.

I am waiting for the landscape guys to come in and clear out an area in the back so we can have a bigger garden this year! There are some trees that need to be removed and I didn't want to have to tackle that by myself.

We got some corn the other day. It made me happy to see Seth shucking the corn. I can't wait for summer.


Paula Glover said...

I'm glad Seth likes the camera. He's so cute!!! Good luck with the garden. I should post photos of ours. I tried planting morning glories for shade in the chicken coop, and they ate the plants! Little buggers deserve no shade this summer :)

cookie_troatie said...

Don't you remember how much we hated camaras at that age. It will probaly be like that for anoher couply of years.

Sorry about your aunt. Maybe we can have a girls coffe night when you are here, but if you are to busy i will understand.