Thursday, April 08, 2010


Ah, the zoo. What a good idea, right?

Tiff and I took the kids down to the Philly zoo for one last hurrah before my season pass expired. Things were good. We saw lots of animals. This is a zoo after all.

We played in the Children's area.

Saw some neat Lego displays too.

All was well until we had ice cream...

Seth ate very little of his ice cream and then decided he was done. I double checked that he didn't want it anymore and then threw it away. After he chewed the gum, that came with the ice cream, he spit it out and asked me for his ice cream. I told him it was gone...

That was the end of the road for Seth. He lost it. He wanted me to go back and get it. Out of the trash no less. Obviously, the answer is no. If it were appropriate in company and around children the answer would have been more colorful. More like, "WTF? Are you of your mind!" So, our day at the zoo was over. They were all hot and tired anyway. As was I. I wish kids didn't throw fits because they never get their way as a result of the tantrum. I wish they had even a shred of logic to pull them out of it. Once he realized we were leaving the zoo he wanted me to go back to see the animals he missed! Heck, no!

He calmed down at the car. Ate a few bites of food and slept the whole way home. His world is unfazed. My day had a huge crimp in it! Ah, the joys of parenting.

We're going to DC as a family this weekend. Hopefully, the kids will all be wonderful darlings while we're there and not wee little heathens...

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