Monday, April 12, 2010


Wow! DC is awesome. I've heard it's not a nice area to live around, but what a great place to visit. We saw quite a lot, but also didn't rush it. We can go back again. It's about 3 hours in good traffic to get there. I took so many pictures. I think this should do though as an overview of the weekend.

First, the Capital building. Our hotel was two blocks from there.

Then the one place everyone wanted to go. The Air and Space Museum! I know we didn't go in every room and we were there for hours. Guess we will have to go back...

We called it a day after that and went back to the hotel for dinner. After dinner we did the most important thing for the kids. We took them swimming. I think that was what they all looked forward to the most. Seth unfortunately choked on some water and decided to puke (I got him out of the water before it happened) so his swim time was brief.

At 2 am the fire alarm sounded. That isn't a sound you want to be woken up by! We hastily threw on shoes and grabbed coats so we could get out... from the 9th floor! It wasn't a real fire, thankfully, and we all went back inside within a few minutes. Crazy though!

Sunday, after breakfast we aimed for the other end of the mall where the Lincoln Memorial is. We walked by the Vietnam Memorial Wall first. I looked up the name of an uncle I never got a chance to meet, Kenny Seward.

The Lincoln Memorial was next.

Then, the American History Museum. Dan wanted to see the flag that inspired the Star Spangled Banner. No pictures were allowed. I however found a quilt and Julia Child's kitchen!

A brief jaunt into the Natural History Museum.

Then, then it was time to head home. Fun was had by all. I can't believe it took us this long to go down there as a family. We have lived in Jersey for almost four year now. We still haven't gone to Boston... yet...


Paula Glover said...

Oh, Ellen. If you'd been a boy, your name would have been Kenny, after your uncle. How wonderful for you to see his name on the wall! What a marvelous trip for everyone.

Solanaceae said...

Don't feel so bad. We live about an hour from Boston and while I have been there a million times for other stuff I have NEVER done/seen any of the touristy/historical stuff. DC is awesome but I could spend a week in each museum alone!