Monday, April 19, 2010

Dad's quilt and playdough cookies

Memory quilts are hard to make. I think this one will kind of make itself. The largest t-shirt I had looked good as a 16" block. Ok, then they can all be 16" blocks. How many blocks will I make? Don't know yet. I hacked apart the shirts and printed out lots of photos. It was hard going through pictures and realizing I have so few of my dad with Hannah. He died when Hannah was 17 months old and he never got to meet his two grandsons. He really wanted a grandson. He would have loved them too.

I love that I am finally making this quilt.

After a busy Saturday full of Pinewood Derby Racing (Simon didn't win and he burst into tears over it. Someday he'll control his emotions better... someday.) and a rollerskating fundraiser for the Gymnastics Club, we took it easy on Sunday. On Sunday we made cookies with dough that was colored like playdough. I don't actually want to think about how bad the unnatural dyes are in them. Sometimes you just have to have fun. They mixed, blended, and created. They don't listen very well, so we had some HUGE cookies. Oh, well.

In the wake of disaster, this is what we had. Colorful sugar cookies!

I better get off of here and get my tush to school. Only a month left, but who's counting?

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Paula Glover said...

What an interesting idea for a quilt. I'd love to see the finished product. ... Cookies looked well, colorful.