Thursday, April 08, 2010

Easter and quilts

It turns out I didn't get any really good pictures on Easter. Well, of my kids anyway. They wouldn't hold still. I got great shots of the back sides of them. We had an Easter egg hunt in the back yard at John and Tiff's house, followed by dinner with friends.

I did get one picture of all of them when they sat on the couch to play Super Mario Brothers. I'm one proud mama...

Over the break I have done a little bit of quilting. I've spent a lot of time doing things with the kids so I didn't have a lot of free time. With Seth getting a little bug we spent a few days hanging out at home, so I did complete the baby quilt. I took a couple quick pictures of it today before dinner. I also took a picture of the quilt I did the binding on over break. I need to start naming my quilts so I can easily refer to them. I'm up for suggestions.

I pieced a heart block for the charity quilts we do in quilt guild. Not my favorite, but I didn't pick it out.

Speaking of quilt guild, I somehow got roped into doing a rag quilt demo at the May meeting. Yeah, good idea, Ellen. Right at the end of the semester too!

The next quilt project I'd like to do is another baby quilt for a couple we know in Denver who are due this summer. They're having a little girl. I know what fabrics I want to use and now I need to pick out a pattern!

This post is loong enough. I'll do a separate one for the zoo...

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