Saturday, February 27, 2010


Although Seth just turned 4 he is rather independent. Here's a few things he likes to do all by himself. Not all the time, but most of the time...

- Get dressed. Seems simple, but what delights him is putting his clothes on backwards. I then spend the rest of the day saying, "Yes, his pants are backwards and he did it on purpose."

-Put on his shoes. Velcro only at this point, but he gets the shoes on the right feet. We'll work on tying later.

-Put on his coat.

- Buckle himself in the carseat.

-Cut with scissors. You've seen some of the things he cuts and builds with boxes.

-Get his own snack out. Which he says he doesn't need help with, but then two seconds later asks me to open for him.

-Make peanut butter sandwiches. Today he went a little overboard...

It's a science.

Peanut butter ran all over!

I wanted to add a few pictures of Seth enjoying the present he got in the mail from his Grandma Paula.

That's my little man. He's getting so independent.

Maybe he should learn to wipe all by himself now. :)


Paula Glover said...

Well, I'm glad he figured out about the cowboys and Indians :) He seems so grown up now. I both can't believe it's only been four years, and it seems like an eternity, since I was at his birth. What an eventful four years ...

ellen said...

It has been an eventful four years. Seth was only four months old when we moved here.