Thursday, February 18, 2010


What's been happening lately...

-We've had back to back snow storms that are unusual for the area.

- I've been doing lots and lots of homework. I missed a few classes because they closed campus with all the snow we've gotten, but I'm still doing well.

- I have squeezed in time to watch a few shows like Lost and American Idol, while either half-ass working on homework or binding a quilt.

-Seth has a cold. :( It doesn't slow him down one bit.

- Seth has a black eye too. He jumped into the bin of stuffed animals and smacked his cheek on the window sill.

- Hannah's school play is finally putting on their show next Thursday... when I have class. It's okay though, I can squeeze in and watch the morning show they put on for the school.

- Hannah only has one more thing to get down and she'll be on the team at gymnastics! A cartwheel on the balance beam. I could totally do that!

-Simon is.... doing just fine. We made the poor kid get another MRI because he gets headaches ALL the time, and everything looks good they say.

- I asked Simon to shovel one of our neighbors walk ways as a kind gesture and she paid him $5 for it. He was pretty happy about that. She's so sweet.

- Both Hannah and Simon got good grades. Simon got one B+ and it was only because he missed turning in some homework assignments. We've got some smart kids.

-Daniel is working and playing WoW.

- Seth and Daniel will be celebrating their birthday, which is technically Monday, this weekend with friends. One afternoon party for the kids and dinner with friends for Dan.

- I have to bake cupcakes for the basket raffle this weekend and I have to make a pink cake for Seth's 4th birthday. Yes, I said pink. With super hero's on it...

- I won one of the door prizes at quilt guild. Someday, I'll use it hopefully. I think the batik scraps in the clear take out containers is a cute idea.

There. Just a glimpse of what's been happening around here.

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Paula Glover said...

Hey, I miss you guys. I'm so glad to be able to see you on the blog!