Sunday, February 07, 2010

Snowy weekend

We had a lot happen on this snowy weekend of ours. Most importantly my aunt and uncle, who drove out to Long Island for a funeral, came down Friday night to see us on their way home. We also had a round of sleepovers, snow fun, and sledding.

Saturday the snow was coming down and we were expected to get up to 18" but that didn't deter my Aunt Vonnie.

They only had so much time allotted to driving back to Colorado so they decided to head out even though there was already a foot of snow on the ground. They made it fairly far into Pennsylvania before they hit a road closure. It was awesome that they went out of there way to come and see us. Makes ya feel special, know what I mean.

After they left we just hung out. I did homework while the kids went out and played in the snow with friends. (Ok, there was also the usual whining about being bored and having nothing to do.) Simon ended up staying the night at a friends house so Hannah invited over her friends. Good things they can all walk to each others houses!

Today, after lunch, we bundled up our little Eskimos and headed for the little hill at the park for some sledding. We all had lots of fun. Dan was with us and he gave extra big pushes so the kids flew over the jump. Even I caught some air.

If anyone is wondering I caught up with my Spanish class. There is a never ending "to-do" list for school though. I know I can do all the work, but it certainly keeps me busy. I get to do this for how many years?


Paula Glover said...

It doesn't look like you got as much snow as DC, but enough to be fun for the kids and a headache for everyone else! We dodged the snow, and there's some in the forecast, but not much. Yea. Glad you got to see Vonnie.

cookie_troatie said...
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cookie_troatie said...

I see that all my knitting was a waste. I see only one hat possibly peeking out on Seth's head. :(

ellen said...

Simon was wearing both is hat and his scarf, missy! I wear my scarf pretty much everyday with my coat too!