Tuesday, February 23, 2010

They say it's your birthday!

I told you he wanted a pink cake! He picked out Diego instead of superhero's though.

Daniel and Seth celebrated their birthdays this weekend. My little guy, who isn't so little anymore, turned 4 yesterday. 4. F-O-U-R. Wow, four. He just keeps on getting bigger! We had a party for Seth in the afternoon and there were 6 of his little friends running around the house, playing with balloons! It was fun, yet very loud. Gee, kind of like a little kid birthday party.

In the evening we had a grown up version of a birthday party with some friends over for dinner. Nothing fancy. Just a good opportunity to see some of our friends, eat yummy food, and enjoy each others company. Daniel asked for Mario Cart for his birthday, so everyone played on the Wii. Kids and grown ups alike. Good times. I am glad Dan is a sport about sharing his birthday. No fussing over a pink cake (without his name on it too). He told me how good it was. See, I am lucky to have such a good husband.

Oh, I actually won at the basket raffle this year! Usually, it's a fun night out and a decent fund raiser for the kids. This year though, I won two baskets and two tickets to a Flyers game. Dan is excited to go to a hockey game. He hasn't been in quite a while. I know he'd prefer the Av's, but hockey is hockey, and free hockey is even better! I should have presented it to him as a birthday present. "Look honey, I got you hockey tickets for your birthday! Wasn't that an awesome idea!?"

Well, I have a quite a bit of school work that needs to be done, so I better get at it. Seth is so patient with me. He'll play or paint while I stare at the computer for a while. I can't get anything done that takes a lot of focus, but I can get some things accomplished. This will be a reoccurring theme over the next few years... twitch, twitch. I don't have classes next week (Spring Break). I'll hopefully get a lot of work done and maybe get some quilting time in. Maybe.

Happy birthday. I love you guys.


Amy Y said...

I love his pink cake! You're such a good mommy :)

ellen said...

Thanks, Amy! It feels childish to say this, but it takes one to know one!

Paula Glover said...

The photos so remind me of Paul's birthdays ... everyone gathered around the cake. How cool! And, you are a good mommy!