Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jungle quilt and monkey girl

Over the weekend I finished piecing the top of the jungle quilt. I totally changed the sashing and border fabrics. I'll get it all sandwiched together and work on getting it quilted, hopefully this week. Do you like it?

The art teacher called me today and told me all the blocks are done! I always like to see what kids come up with. Now I have to find out if there will be a goodbye party for Simon's teacher so we can present her quilt to her.

Here is little Miss Hannah with her braces off! She has to wear the retainer for a couple months and then only at night for a while. Here daddy was standing behind me making goofy rabbit ears on me so I had a hard time getting a good picture of her. Anyway, her teeth are straight for now... all of her adult teeth aren't in yet though...


Susan said...

Love the borders. They turned out perfect.

Does Hannah always have hair in her mouth? :)

Amy Y said...

She's gorgeous!
And the quilt is pretty, too :)
(I want one!) :)

Yvonne Montgomery said...

Ellen, I love the quilt and your daughter is beeeeyoutyful. You've got the mojo goin', girl.
Love and hugs.

Tiffany said...

The quilt is really cute, so is Hannah.