Thursday, January 22, 2009


I had a great time yesterday!

It was a LONG drive there and back but well worth it. Traffic around DC is awful btw. Not only did I get to spend the day with a friend but I saw lots of the things while I was there. Ok, I drove by most of them but I still saw them! We had lunch at a fabulous Turkish restaurant in Georgetown where we stuffed our faces. Wow, Georgetown is cute! I should have taken pictures of the town but I was too busy oogling to get out my camera. Gee, maybe if Hannah doens't get into Princeton she can go there. Kidding.

After lunch we went to an Obama inspired quilt show.

We weren't allowed to photograph the quilts though. Bummer. The quilts were fantastic. There was so much meaning in all of them. This election represented such a monumental moment in our history and for the African American women who made these quilts it showed through. It was humbling and inspiring.

We did a bit of wandering once we finished up. One of the Smithsonian's wasn't to far away. Annie (Sam's little girl) woudn't have had the patients to walk through the whole place but we found a few cool things like this.

We thought about walking a few more blocks to get to the mall but I want to save that for my next trip. I want to go with the kids next time so they can see all of those things with me. Although, if we get to go as a family it'll have to be an overnight trip! I was gone from 7 am to 11 pm.

A note to all my friends left behind in Colorado: If you manage to make it out this way, I'll do what I can to come see you! (hint, hint)

Thanks for hanging out with me, Sam!

Annie took this picture of us with the giant hand eating us. I see a future photographer.


Amy Y said...

Oh how I love DC!! Such a cool town filled with history and interesting people.

I'm glad you had a good time with Sam and Annie ~ the pictures of the two of you are fantastic! Annie is a great photographer, too!

How far are you from DC? I bet the older kids would get a kick out of it! One day Seth will, too. I highly recommend the Holocaust Museum. It's so touching...

Scylla said...

Isn't D.C. lovely!! I am jealous. I loved being so close to so many of my favorite places when we lived there. Of course, we were too broke to go see anything, but it was close!!!

Miss you, I am doing what I can to get out there!

Samantha said...

Hey, I'm finally blogging my end of the story... I am SO glad you came to see us!!! Wish we could have taken pix of those quilts, though!