Monday, September 15, 2008

Nappy Bag

Do you like the new header on the blog? Is it ok?

I am itching to do a project. I don't want to start a whole quilt until I finish the baby clothes quilt. We should be getting together this week to get started.

I have wanted to make this pattern for a while but I didn't know who to make it for. I certainly don't need a new diaper bag when my little guy is 2 and our goal is to someday be done with the whole diaper thing! I guess I could selfishly make it for me and just use it as a large tote bag.

Well, I just found out that I am going to an aunt again! Yes, now I can make the Nappy Bag for someone! The only question is, does it matter that the fabrics are girly? What if my sister in-law is right and she has a boy? Would she still use the bag? I'd hate to pour effort into an adorable bag that wouldn't get used. Oh, the dilemma!

We have another busy week ahead of us. My little brother is coming out this week. Or should I say my middle brother since the youngest brother I see all the time since he is only 11 and lives at home. Yup, Karl is flying out here! I am not sure of all our activities while he's here but we are definitely going to go up to the city. Mom would like to go to the MoMA. I think that will be fun. I haven't had a chance to go there yet.

Somewhere in this week we get to squeeze in an orthodontist appt for Hannah, 2 Tae Kwon Do classes, the library, a playgroup, and apple picking! Never a dull moment.


Ria said...

I don't think those fabrics are girlie. They are fairly neutral. I like them. I think the diaper bag needs to fit the moms tastes and not the sex of the baby.

Tiffany said...

I agree with Ria. Also, I like your banner, but the little words are kind of hard to read. Maybe make them darker? (I love the fabrics for the nappy bag, way cute.)

Monica said...

You should check out the American Folk Art museum. They have quilts you might find interesting.

Susan said...

J would definitely like the fabrics. Everything in their new house is in the blue/green/brown family.

I don't really remember her using a diaper bag though. She mostly just carried what she needed in her purse & had stuff in the car. So I have no idea if she would use it.

I think she would like it, I just don't know if it would get used that often.... Sorry if that is a downer. I don't mean to be.