Friday, September 12, 2008


This week has been pretty mellow. Not much to report on. The big kids are back in school full time now so we had to get back into the routine. Getting everyone up and ready isn't to hard. I am trying to start running some more after I drop the kids off at school. A few days a week at least. I am still not very good at it. I can go maybe 10 minutes before I want to walk but I know it's a great way to get a good work out. We'll see if I can step it up a bit.

I've finished the binding on my aunts quilt and I'll get it washed and sent off soon. I was watching the movie Waitress last night while I worked on the last of the binding. I thought it was pretty entertaining.

I have also been trying to organize my fabric closet. It's rather embarrassing how bad it can get. I have bins and boxes full to the brim and more stuff shoved in on top. If there isn't room in the closet than things get set on my sewing table or ironing board. AH!

Hopefully it will be easier to find things once I get it all done.

My next quilt project is going to a commissioned piece! I have been asked to make a quilt out of old baby clothes. I think I can handle that. We need to get together and pick a pattern. I am not sure what she'll want. Have any good pattern suggestions?

Yesterday Seth helped me make granola for the first time. I followed the recipe I found and it is very yummy but I think next time I'll try it with honey instead of molasses. The kids didn't seem to like the molasses flavor. I think they are nuts. Molasses is good stuff. Do you have a favorite granola recipe?


woman at the well said...

My goodness, some things never change. I remember making granola when you were little. It's been too long for me to remember any recipe, however :)

Monica said...

All good crafters have closets/drawers full of chaos. It's like a badge of honor. :)