Saturday, September 06, 2008

Moms quilt

I am all done with my moms quilt top and back. I even went so far as to miter the corners.

I figured it'd go better with the angles of the center. Of course once I was done with the mitering I thought hey, I could have taken pictures in case someone wanted to know how to do it themselves. Too late now. It really isn't all that hard.

I'm going to take this quilt to another place to get it machine quilted. I have been very happy with the lady who's been doing my quilting for me but I am not all to happy with the store I have to go through. I will say the women at the quilt store are nice. Firstly, I rarely like their fabric. You know how you walk in, look around and leave without buying anything or even having to restrain yourself? Yeah, that's what it's like. Then add their ridiculous store hours 11-4 and that makes me not happy. I tried to go get my aunts quilt on Thursday. I got there at 4:15 to find the doors locked and the lights off. I thought the sign said 10-4 so I decided to try going back in the morning to get it. I got there at 10 (which was already making me late for a playgroup) and found it all locked up and not open for another hour. The mistake driving there the second time was truly my own but infuriating none the less.

So, I'll try some place else. Somewhere where the fabrics talk to me and the hours are more reasonable. Hopefully I'll be happier with them.

I better be off to the quilt store (again!). Tropical Storm Hanna is on her way...

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woman at the well said...

The quilt is beautiful! I'm so excited. Mitered corners ... wow, I'm impressed, or I would be, if I knew what it meant :)

Can you believe the rain and humidity? You look outside, and it is cloudy and nasty, and you'd think it was cold, but it is so humid!