Friday, July 11, 2008


The kids and I went blueberry picking today. We actually had to drive a way to get there but it was worth it to get fresh organic blueberries. My favorite part of the trip had to be Hannah and Simon telling everyone that they don't like blueberries but then after they tasted the berries they loved 'em.

We rode a wagon out to the picking field. My little man sure does love tractors and wagons so this was an unexpected bonus.

Let the picking begin.

Once he started eating everything I put in his bucket I had to take it away. He was shoveling them in! I figured if he had to pick it to eat it that'd at least slow him down a bit. I seriously think they should weight in all the kids before they begin picking and weight them again when they are done.

It was rather hot out today so we didn't stay too long. We still ended up with 3 lbs of blueberry's! I guess we'll be making muffins tomorrow. That is, if I'm not at a birth. I am a back up for a Jewish woman who is a doula and she can't attend births on the Sabbath. I gotta say that really works for me personally. I'm only needed on the weekend! Her client S. is being induced tonight... don't even get me started on how asinine inductions are... grr.

Anyway, I had one of those crazy busy days again. I need them every now and then to make up for the lazy ones. After we finished with the blueberry picking we came home dropped off the berries at home and went to Costco. We had lunch there and did our shopping. Got home, unloaded everything, put it away, and got our swim suits on! They swam and played with some of their friends for about and hour. We raced home from the splash park with a wadding pool so I could deliver dinner to the mama that I made the baby quilt for. Her baby is so cute. I love little babies. They don't stay that way though. Bummer.

I will wait for my phone to ring tonight. I'm sure this means I'll miss the company picnic tomorrow but it'll be worth it.

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Ria said...

Those blueberries look so yummy! How fun!

I also agree completely with the inductions and such. I would love to look into being a doula but because of that right there I could not do it. I would honestly want to slap those women upside the head. I am pretty sure I would not get very many clients if I did that. LOL!