Thursday, June 05, 2008

Movies and quilts

We had a nice weekend full of movies. On Saturday Dan and I went to dinner and then saw the new Indiana Jones movies. It was totally entertaining just like the other ones. Then on Sunday the girls and I went for dinner/drinks and the new SATC movie. It was also really good. If you liked the shows you'll love the movie.

The baby quilt was well received on Tuesday. I liked this one. I know, I usually like them but every now and then I make something and just think its, meh. KWIM? Anyway, the mom seemed to like it very much which pleases me greatly. I didn't have my camera at the little baby shower but I had Dan take a picture of it for me once I had completed it.

(So ah, in the picture here I'm holding the quilt upside down. Smart, huh?)

On to the next quilt!

What's next you ask? The huge, way past overdue, king size quilt for my Aunt! I got some of the cutting done a few days ago and last night I started in on the half square triangles. I am cheating a bit or shall I say, using a tool to my advantage, to make the 1/2 square triangles. I'm using triangles on a roll paper. Have I mentioned this stuff before? Great stuff. I don't have to mark 336 squares. Phew. Pin, sew on lines, cut apart, and remove paper. Viola. Tres bien.

So, I have to back up a second here. I watched Into the Wild last night while working on the quilt. Have you seen it? It is worth watching. I can't really talk about it without ruining the end of it like I did for a friend last night... oops. Put it on your Netflix queue and email me about it after you see it. I'd love to hear what you think.

Field Day is tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will be nice. Not to hot, not to cold, just right. Hopefully I'll remember my camera too.

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solanaceae said...

As usual, simply BEAUTIFUL! Your Aunt (the person we share in common)send me a pic of the one you made for her and from that moment on I knew you were one to watch!! I am stealing your quilt pattern to make with the stash of blue fabrics I have on hand. I've been trying to get to it for months and have decided this is the week it's going to happen (well, start anyway lol)