Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

We mostly did our celebrating yesterday. The fireworks display was scheduled for last night so we figured we'd do the small BBQ the same day. My mom had the day off of work so we hit the beach too. What a great day. Beach, barbeque, and fireworks. The only down side was that it was a bit cool at the beach. The kids bravely went in with my mom for a bit but then mostly played in the sand. Seth would forget it was cold and run as fast as he could toward the water. When the water would splash up his leg he'd gasp, turn around and run back. It was pretty cute. He also thought he could catch seagulls.

And when did my little brother start looking so much older!

The rest of last week was rather uneventful. I've got almost all of the blocks done on my aunts quilt. Only one more big block to go. Then I have to assemble ALL the blocks into the quilt top.

There's a new quilt hanging in my dining room right now. I absolutely love this quilt. When I was working at the quilt store in Denver (Quilts in the Attic which moved and is now Holly's Quilt Cabin) a woman gave me the quilt. She brought it in and told me it was worn out and she didn't want it anymore. It had been a wedding gift. Her grandma had it made by a woman who used old scraps and did it all by hand. I told this lady that she should keep it for her kids, get an appraisal, take it to an antique store, anything! But no, she was done with it... and I covet it. I truly don't understand how she walked away from this quilt.

Lastly, I thought I'd throw this in. I hear from people all the time how much Seth looks like Simon and I have to disagree. He looks like Hannah!


Amy Y said...

I have always thought he looked a lot like Hannah, too! You can definitely see the family resemblance between them all ~ they have the perfect blend of you and Dan ~ but Simon and Hannah look the most alike to me.

I don't know how that lady parted with that beautiful quilt, either! Hopefully she doesn't live to regret it... but at least it's where it'll be loved now.

Happy 4th ~ glad you had a good celebration! :)

ellen said...

Hopefully she won't track me down and ask for it back!