Thursday, June 19, 2008


We had an impromptu dinner out tonight. There weren't a lot of options for dinner in the house and earlier today Tiff had said how she wanted sushi which made me want some sushi, so... of we went to get some sushi for dinner. On our way there the kids were telling us they didn't like Japanese food. Yeah, sure. They really actually love teriyaki.

We sat in the hibachi area because we thought the kids would get a kick out of watching their dinners be made.

Boy, were we right. The kids loved it. By the time we left Simon was asking if we could go there every night for dinner. Well, no you see, we can't. That is a rather expensive meal but we can go every now and then.

Seth loved the miso soup. He ate all the little pieces of tofu.

He also ate a few rolls from our sushi platter and some of Hannah fried rice. However, he didn't like the sushi rice with soy and a bit of wasabi. He wanted to try what I was eating so I gave him a little bite. He spit it all out. Then Hannah and Simon wanted to taste the wasabi. I warned them that alone it's really hot but that the hot goes away quickly, unlike Mexican food hot where the heat just lingers. Well, Hannah definitely thought it was gross and hot!

We had a great time. If this is a taste of summer then I think summer is going to be fun.


Amy Y said...

Hibachi is so fun! We took the boys a couple weeks ago and they loved it ~ it's very entertaining!

I love Hannah's wasabi face :)

Laura said...

Is this the same person i had to drag to sushi resterants where she would only eat the california roll because it did not have fish in it?


Samantha said...

that looks like so much fun!