Monday, June 23, 2008

Lots going on as usual- update

Blocks up on the design wall.

Next step in the pattern.

This is where I am with my Aunts quilt. I've started piecing the different block combos. There are a few to do! It'll take a while. I threw them up on the design wall so I could see what they'd look like.

I took a quick break from the quilt to make my friends purse. She really liked it. Well, at least that's what she said. :) She brought me some fabric that she wanted me to use but I swapped out the inside for a different one that I thought worked a bit better. Not that the one she choose didn't work, I just loved the contrast of the darker blue.

Scylla and new bag!

The other night while my kids were outside catching lightning bugs I tried to get a few pictures. Kind of hard to take pictures in the dark though. They have so much fun. They run around the yard catching as many as they can and putting them in the bug habitat.

Once it's time to go in side they let them all go again. I have to say, lightning bugs are cool! Being from Colorado where there aren't any I can see why the kids are so fascinated by them!

So, yesterday my Mom went with us to the Monmouth Battlefield reenactment. (She got better pictures than I did.) They actually follow the Battle of Monmouth! The original battle was about 5 hours long and thankfully they condense it a bit. We left after watching about 45 minutes of it. There were canons going off, guns firing, men falling on the field, and horse galloping around. The only thing Seth really noticed was the fence that had been knocked down. ? He kept saying over and over, "Fence broken." Yeah, and look, there are men dressed in funny clothes shooting at each other too!

Couldn't zoom in more... need a better camera. Hint, hint.

Seth and Grandma, taking in the sights.

Well, the rest of this week will be pretty busy. There's fun stuff to do with the MOMS Club all week and then we're going to the beach on Friday one last time with Scylla... she's going back home.


woman at the well said...

I see your photos and say "oh, no, she took a photo of me!" That's how you tell you're getting old - you'd rather have photos of the grandkids than of you. :) It was very interesting to see how they reconstructed the battle. And, it was so amusing to understand that Seth was so fascinated with the broken fence, and roughly indifferent to the horses, guys in funny clothes, etc.

daniel said...

Sheesh, woman, do you have any idea what good cameras cost?

Actually, now that I go look, prices have really come down on better cameras. Maybe Santa will be nice this year and bring you one for Christmas. :)