Friday, June 13, 2008

Holy Toledo, Batman!

Last night Hannah came down stairs from her room carrying on about something really big flying around in her room and the cat was trying to get it. I told her to tell daddy and he'd help her get what I thought was probably a big bug. We get those out here ya know. She went back up and a few minutes later was screaming, "There's a BIRD in the house!!!!!! There's a bird in the house!"

When we ran upstairs we could tell it flew into my office because that's were the cat was. We went in and closed the door. No sense in having the bird fly back through the house especially when the boys were sound asleep.

The thing started flying around my office so I ducked down so I didn't get hit in the head. When I looked up I realized it was a fucking BAT! I think I probably said something along the lines of, "Oh shit, it's a bat!" Now in retrospect, of course it was a bat. Birds don't fly around at night.

We went out of the room to assess how to deal with getting bat out of the house.

Dan quickly went back in and opened the window up after we googled "how to get a bat out of your house." Then we got ourselves ready with long sleeves and gloves... back in we went. We couldn't find it! We looked up in corners, moved things around, made loud noise, still nothing. There is a hole in the upper corner of my closet where some of the plaster has come off. Uh, oh.

So now what? Is it still in the office? Did it fly out the window before we got back in the room? Did it crawl into the hole to hide? Here's a better question.

How the hell did a bat get in our house!?!


Amy Y said...

I love how, in the middle of a crisis, you stop to google "how to get a bat out of your house". :)

I hope it's gone now, but I do thank you for the morning giggle!

Ria said...

EEK! Bats scare the crap out of me for some reason. I don't think I would be able to sleep after that.

You gotta love google. LOL!

woman at the well said...

We had a great chuckle about googleing something in a crisis! I'll bet the bat is as afraid of you as you are of it. Remember: Bats eat bugs :) Hannah is in braces early, but it seems like it is a good idea to fix things while the kids are still young. We bought another air conditioner and sealed up the house, and it's been about either 75 or 68 degrees inside (depending on who is controlling the thermostat) - which is certainly OK. It does seem funny to run the air in June, however...