Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hannah got her braces today. She isn't a very happy camper and she refused to let me take her picture once they were in. I'll get her, you'll see. She looks cute as usual. Before long she'll even forget she has them.

"Hannah, smile so I can see your new braces!"

One of the ladies there thought Seth was just wonderful. Maybe because she has teenagers and toddler tantrums don't seem so bad in light of back talking teens. So, while Hannah sat in the chair Seth got a new toothbrush and lots of stickers. Simon got to play video games in the game room. This place is seriously geared toward kids.

As a treat for sucking it up and getting the metal put in her mouth against her wishes I got them some ice cream. It was a good idea, I swear. Except for the whole need to get back in the car right away part. Yeah. You know how ice cream melts when it's hot? Did you know it's almost 100 today? Yeah... that was messy. Even my cone was dripping all over the place.

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Amy Y said...

You'll get her alright ~ I am convinced that newly braces'ed kids smile more. I'm sure she looks super cute!

I can't believe you almost hit 100 already ~ no wonder your strawberries are doing better than mine! We're having a strange cold front here ~ I'm sitting here with a sweater on and the high is 69 today. Sheesh.