Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day

First off, a very Happy Mothers Day to all of you wonderful mamas out there. We have an impossible and frustrating, yet wonderfully rewarding, job. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Ok, there are days when I'd like to sell them to the gypsies... :)

My sweet husband and the kids got me gift certificates to a hair salon. My lovely roots (gray hairs, aka "my naturals") have been showing for a while now. It costs so much to get your hair done and there are always things I'd rather spend money on if I have the choice (fabric!). So, now I can be a blond again. Woot.

Well, we've had a weekend of sick kids. Simon got sick on Thursday night and he tried to go to school on Friday but he had to come home early. I was at the school wrapping the flowers for Mothers Day gifts and I saw him going to the nurses office. We talked about it and I convinced him he needed to come home with me. He was very upset about it because they were having an Ice Tea Party in the afternoon for the moms. I also had to cancel a craft thing we were having after school at our house. He needed to be home though. He got a fever in the evening to top off his day of diarrhea. One of the moms at school told me she hoped I wasn't sick for Mothers Day. Of course, I interpreted that as a great Hall Mark Card idea, " May you not have diarrhea on Mothers Day."

Yesterday when I got home from Costco (I now remember why I try to go there during the week, it's so busy on Saturdays!) Hannah had a fever too. Today, well, today Dan isn't feeling all that hot either. I sent him back to bed. He did get up with Seth and run out to get me coffee and doughnuts. Am I next to get this strange fever? Let's hope not.

I am going to spend my day basting and maybe beginning to quilt the baby quilt. I swear the colors of this quilt aren't this pastel. I'll have to take it outside to get a good shot of it.

I should say I'll quilt today if Seth will let me. He wants me to play Playdough with him. This evening I am going to a Survivor Season Finally Party. Yes, sadly I watch Survivor. My mom hooked my on it not too long ago.

I hope you all enjoy your day today. Hug your babies. I know I will.


woman at the well said...

A true mother - loves her kids, even when they're sick! Happy Mother's Day! Sorry about hooking you on Survivor. You got even with me by getting me going on Biggest Loser. :)

Valerie said...

Happy Mothers Day!

Amy Y said...

Happy Mother's Day! I, too, hope you don't get diarhea and that you had a great day with your beautiful babies! :)

Show us your new 'do? :)