Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial weekend

This weekend flew by! We were rather busy Saturday and I kept up the trend the next two days. There was a birthday party on Saturday morning which the kids had a blast at. The birthday boys mom was thanking me for bring my older kids... that's not normal... They were really helpful with all the little toddlers and they showed them what to do during the games portion of the party. Hannah and Simon truly are great kids.

I dropped the herd of kids off and went to meet up with my mom at a gardening center. It was so worth the drive! I don't think I've ever seen so many plants in one place. They have a fabulous selection of mums in the fall too. I think mom was in heaven.

My mom helped me plant some new flowers in one of my beds. I wanted to put new stuff there once we got the fence replaced. It all looks so much better now. Thanks, Mommy!

On Sunday I had to make a huge trip to the grocery store to get food for our little BBQ. One of the things I was most excited about making for the BBQ was a Watermelon Cake. Next on our agenda for Sunday was going over to Home Depot. I have been begging and begging for a patio set forever and I finally got one! It is an anniversary present. We usually buy something for the house and then do something like go out to dinner. I know lots of people want the shiny jewelry but it seems so silly to me. I'd rather have something practical instead.

As Dan and I assembled the table and chairs the kids played with their new house.

At least we know if they aren't successful in life they sure can do a lot with a box. :)

The BBQ today was very nice. I love having little get togethers. The food was yummy and the new table outside provided a great place to sit, visit, eat, and watch the kids from.

Oh, and the Watermelon Cake was delicious. What is it you ask? Watermelon. Literally. Cut the melon into the shape of a cake and use whipped cream (home made today) to frost it. I just decorated the top with some fresh fruit. Yum!

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Amy Y said...

That cake sure is purdy!
I love how practical you are! I have two necklaces and a bracelet from Shawn in the whole 11+ years we've been together. I'd much rather spend time and money on dates together and purchasing big things that we need that we otherwise couldn't or wouldn't justify.
Definitely good to know your kids could get by in a box, but somehow I don't think that's going to happen ~ they are such great kids and what a nice compliment from the bday mama!