Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gifts received

All the Pay It Forward gifts have gotten to their destinations! And they were well received! Hurray!

Scylla got the reversible cooking apron with the matching pot holders.

Rialityfreak got the fun flower pin cushion with 3 fat quarters to go along with it. I hope she'll be able to make something fun with them.

Lastly, Country Mouse received the mystery gift. I made her a table runner (with horrid stitch length, so sorry) and a little mouse to go with it.

I had a wonderful time participating in this little endevor and I hope the three of you enjoy paying it forward.


Niki said...

Get listed at my new quilters blog :)http://justusquilters.blogspot.com/

Scylla said...

I loved paying it forward! I am sending out the last of my gifts this week!

I love my apron and pot holders! I use them all the time.