Friday, May 23, 2008


Am I the only person who always has bizarre things happen around them? It may not always be directly happening to me. Sometimes it is a family member or friend. I suppose we can all play the I know someone who...

So, I found out yesterday that one of my great aunts died. It was sudden, unexpected, and quite the accident. With her arms full of grocery bags she stumbled at the top of a stair case and fell backwards cracking her head on the ground. I'll spare you the rest of the details. The only positive thing that came out of her tragic end was that she was an organ donor.

I had been talking with people back home and heard there were tornado's in the Greeley area. A few of my other aunts told me what they saw was really devastating. Come to find out a bit later in the day my brother in law's office building took a direct hit from a tornado! I've been close to tornado's, I've seen the wake of a tornado, but I've never been directly in one. Hiding in the stair well while the building rocks and all the windows blow out doesn't sound like fun to me. His truck is totaled but otherwise he is fine. Phew.

With the funeral for my great aunt only days away I don't think I am going to be able to make the trip back home. The flights are all expensive and with needing a rental car and eating out... It adds up. Ouch. I did like the idea of getting to see some friends while I was there but with only a few days filled with funeral service stuff and family there wouldn't be much visiting with friends.

Other than these strange occurrences things are fairly normal in my house hold. The big kids had a half day of school today. Hopefully we'll have a good long weekend. Maybe a little BBQ is in order with our friends out here.


Amy Y said...

I'm sorry to hear about your great Aunt, Ellen!! :( How horrible!

The tornados have been awful ~ it's been all over the news. It was about 20 miles from my house but we didn't get any damage here. Scary, though!

Selfishly, I wish you could swing back for the funeral as I'd love to see you. But I don't blame you ~ it is freakin' expensive right now (with no hope of that changing in the future).

Hope the rest of your holiday weekend is uneventful, peaceful and relaxing!

Sending hugs and keeping your family in my thoughts...

cookie_troatie said...

Was that andy's truck that got destroyed that caused the big fight with ben and their dad? Because if it is, i can not help but giggle that the menece of that truck is gone from the family. other then that sorry for you loss and i do hope that andy is ok even if is car and build are not.