Friday, June 29, 2007

Total Dork

I forgot to share what happened on my way to Minnesota while I was in the Philly airport. I was standing in the worlds longest line and Apollo Ono walked by with sun glasses on looking not to happy to be awake at 6 am EST. I was quite astounded and told the nice man behind me who he was. Ok, it was more like.... mouth gaped open, turn and watch Apollo walk by with mouth still open, (stupid Ellen, close your mouth) and then announce to the cute guy behind me, "That was Apollo Ono." He shrugged in that way that shows he doesn't know who he was. "He's an Olympic speed skater", I say. Totally made the hour long line better.

Then as we approached the security check point I noticed the guy behind me had a Play Book in his hand. Play Book? Who could he play for? Hum. I boldly asked who he plays for because far be it from me to shut up. He told me the Kansas City Chiefs... that didn't help me much so nosy me asked his name. He told me Casey. I was a bit flabbergasted. What do you say to the adorable man who you have politely chatted with for an hour after he informs you that he is an NFL player and you being the dork that you are knew who the Olympic skater who ended up on Dancing with the Stars was but not the football player?! I guess something along the lines of, "Sorry, I don't watch much football." God I am an idiot. I just looked him up and he's the quarterback no less! Well, I can say he was very nice.


Susan said...

Well, it should make you feel better that Ben, the man who CONSTANTLY watches ESPN & anything football, didn't even know who he was. He wasn't the quarterback last year; Trent Green was. (That shows you what a dork I am.)

Amy York said...

You are a dork. :) That was classic Ellen - I loved the story! I would have done the exact same thing, for what it's worth... Except I wouldn't have known who the Apollo Ono guy was.

woman at the well said...

I'm with Amy - I thought Apollo Ono was the Olympic snowboarder. The guy they call Tomato? But who am I? However, give me a cardinal or a member of a religious order and I'll identify them ... I'm even more lost from 'normalicy.'

That is an Ellen moment - chatting with people :)