Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lovely Flowers

I happily went out into the yard this evening with scissors in hand to retrieve some flowers. We have hydrangea's all over the yard and they are so beautiful.
Sadly I am a slacker when it comes to gardening so I like things like this because they are low maintenance. I know that the pH level of the soil is what causes the different colors but I am happy with the blues and purples we have. Pretty.

Wow it's been hot the last two days! We threw open all the windows finally around 7:00 in shear desperation to cool off the house only to discover it was the same temperature outside. Just muggier. The sad part is it isn't even the hottest part of summer yet. It makes me want to cry. I do have a window unit in the office which helps. I think I'll watch a movie up here this evening and start working on the binding for Susan's quilt. I am not really looking forward to all that fabric on my lap in the heat but if I don't just do it they won't get it until Christmas!

To combat the heat today we took refuge at Misty's house. Ahhhhh, AC!!!! I helped her pack a few boxes and then we talked over a cup of coffee. Little Oliver is getting SO BIG! By the time we ready to leave I was actually cold. Boy was that short lived.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow and cool off on Friday. I am looking forward to that.


Amy York said...

The flowers are gorgeous!!
Have you guys considered AC? Hope you stay cool out there! :)

Susan said...

I'm SO jealous! I want beautiful hydreangeas in my yard :(

Of course, the logic that it gets too hot here for them, doesn't seem to hold since you have them & it is every bit as hot there... maybe I should research more & see about planting next summer!

Please, please, please turn the AC up in your office & start binding. I want to see my quilt when you come out. (OK "our" quilt.)

Samantha said...

we're supposed to be in the 100s all week next week. I may be melted into a puddle by the time you get here to visit.

Hope you stay cool! Work on the quilt at night...

woman at the well said...

I am so grateful that Frank lived where the heat and humidity is high and he insisted on central air before we moved here. I think you could get the money spent on AC back on the sale of your house - its an upgrade people really appreciate. I'm not used to not being able to cool off a house by opening the windows, either. People here say "What did we do without central air when we were kids?" I say - "I don't know, I lived in Colorado where you don't need central air." :)

ellen said...

I think you need AC even in Denver for those 100+ stretches of summer. We did look into getting AC but we'd have to get a new furnace (long story) and it would cost us about 10,000! I already have to pay for the roof (6,000) and closing costs (another 6,000). We can barely cover that stuff so AC is out this summer!

Don't worry, Susan. I will work diligently on your quilt.

ellen said...

Oh, I *think* the reason you can't have Hydrangea's in Denver is it gets to cold in the winter.