Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Adding Two and Two Together

Yesterday Seth got a real mild rash and I began to piece things together. (Remember me mentioning that I am a slow learner...) Last week he had a runny nose, over the weekend a fever, and then a rash. Hum, could it be a reaction to the MMR shot he had 2 weeks ago? Maybe. So, the doctor wanted to see him this morning. They deemed he had Roseola (I disagree, I think it was a reaction) and once the rash is present you are no longer contagious.... ah, oops sorry to all the kids that were exposed last week if it is Roseola. :) My bad. My biggest concern was making sure he didn't have something contagious right now because I was going to hang out with Misty today to help her pack and then we are flying to Minnesota Friday to see Cynthia. I really didn't want to get the little guys sick.

It is officially summer for us now! The kids had their last day of school yesterday. Hurray!I always get that song running through my head, "Schools out for summer..." We went to the library and got new cards so the kids can check out some books and they can participate in the summer reading program. They'll go to craft time and Hannah gets to be a helper for the preschoolers. I hope she has fun reading to them. The best part about craft time is that you drop the kids off (sweet!) and then they typically have a movie afterwards that the kids are welcome to stay and watch (even better!). Between the library, our trip to Denver, and all the swim classes I think summer will fly by.

This evening Dan and I had to quickly move a ton of bark mulch out of the area where the new play structure is going in. OMG there's a lot! The area is about 20' x 25' and the mulch is a few inches thick! Seth had a great time playing in the dirt. He's such a boy! Simon was leaping on top of the mound of mulch and Seth went running up it right after his big brother. It was pretty cute. Hannah was in the house reading a book. Shocked? We did go to the library so she has 4 new Babysitters Club books to read.

Well, I sadly haven't started a new quilting project yet. I began the tedious and well neglected job of, are you ready for this, organizing! Bleck! I started with my photos. Thank god I got a digital camera when Simon was little or I wouldn't be done organizing them until the end of summer! Somehow my goal is to make it through all the rooms in the house and actually make my house look less cluttered. Maybe I am just dreaming but darn it, it's a good dream. I have a secret weapon though. Tiff. She is organized, likes organizing, and volunteered to help me. I might actually get it done!

I'll try to get pictures of the play set up tomorrow.

Here's a fun picture to leave you with. Moss soup anyone?


Ria said...

I hope you get everything figured out with Seth. Poor little guy! I bet Hannah will absolutely LOVE reading to the preschoolers. That is totally her thing. I also wanted to give you a link that might help you organize. It might not be your thing but you might want to check it out. I signed up for it after I had Ella and felt overwhelmed. I quit once things got back to normal. I just signed up again this summer because I still don't feel settled in our house we moved into over a year and a half ago. I ignore a lot of it (like reminders to do your dishes...duh!) but there is some of it that is really useful.

Amy York said...

Sorry to hear about the rash! I hope it wasn't a reaction to his shot... Vaccines scare me - though I know they are important and I do get them for my kids... It makes me nervous.
Can't wait to see the new playset - the pics of the kids were cute! :)

woman at the well said...

Poor Seth. I'm not sure I'm going to get any more vaccines for Paul (since I'm against them anyhow) following his reaction - sudden loss of consciousness! How can they just say it is no big deal?

Actually, I know how - the medical establishment is so in favor of vaccines, they ignore any reaction and downplay the reactions that occur. But, there is, after all, a Federal Vaccine Injury Compensation center and we wouldn't have one, if there were no injuries!

Off the soapbox now.

I have a friend who really likes the flylady site and I've heard others speak of it positively.

On the soapbox: the overwhelming clutter is because the average American household has more items than a Medieval King's household. (And no serfs to keep track of it all.) :)

Susan said...

So Hannah has no problem playing with moss soup & is grinning about it, but the question is what will her reaction be when she goes fishing with Grandpa Jim?

Only 3 weeks until you are here! Yea!!!