Monday, June 04, 2007

Camp, Swimming, Quilts, and Trips. Oh my!

Hannah had a blast at camp. The only thing they didn't do was go canoing. She came home talking a mile a minute about ALL the things they did. For skit night Hannah's troop applied makeup to some of the older girls. The older girls had their hands behind their backs and then Hannah troop reached their arms out as if they were the older girls arms. I think you know what I mean. That is almost as hard as describing how to tie your shoes. Anyway, the result is a big mess of makeup all over the place. Hannah said she got lipstick all over the girl's cheek. I bet next year she won't be nervous to go.

Things are going to be busy this week. Again. I am still not sure how I end up so busy all the time! We've got Hannah's last band concert on Thursday (mind you I just found out about it yesterday!), Hannah's last GS meeting Friday (we have to bring a snack to share... hum, what will I bring...), Seth and I started swim classes today (we go twice a week for 3 weeks), our usual Gymboree classes are on Weds and Fri, the kids have 3 birthday parties to go to this week (Hannah had to say no to another one!), and Seth has a a doctors appointment tomorrow. Wow, lots to do!

Our swim class was fun. Tiff took a few pictures while we were at the park and pool so once she emails them to me I'll share them. Seth went right into the pool without any hesitation and had a great time. He even wanted me to let go of him. This kid has no fear. After we swam we ate our picnic lunches and then let the kids play on the play ground for a bit. This will be the theme of most of my summer days. Swim, eat, play, repeat.

I went to get the quilt today and got a rather big surprise. It was Sheri's quilt not Susan's! I was bummed and didn't even look to closely at the quilt till I got home. It looks fabulous. I just really want to see Susan's quilt all finished (I am so impatient). I'll get the binding done on it in no time. I love to do binding because you can sit your happy, fat, tush in front of the boob tube and watch a movie while mindlessly stitching away. I'll post a final photo of it once I have it bound.

So, I am very excited about an upcoming trip I am taking with my mom. We are going to Dutch Amish Country. I think we have settled on going the 16th. That was one of the things I wanted to do when we moved out here. I don't think the kids will want to come along for a day of antiquing and quilt store shopping! That's fine by me since they'd be hard to keep in check.


woman at the well said...

Oh, I'm so glad Hannah had fun at camp! When the weather turned bad, I hoped it wouldn't effect her time at camp. You loved the water, too, when you were younger. I'm looking forward to the trip to Pennsylvania, too!

Amy York said...

Camp sounds like so much fun! I wish I was a girl scout. Sigh. :) Your trip with your mom sounds great! And swim lessons too - you are very busy! I wish I could find swim lessons near us for the boys, but no dice. I will have to teach them on my own somehow...