Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dan's little clones

I posted some pictures of Hannah and Seth a few days ago to show how much they look alike. Well, they didn't get it from me! I just grow little clone babies for Dan. At least Simon looks like me.

Seth and I have done a lot of running around today. We had a Moms Club meeting and Gymboree. Plus I needed to go get a present for Dan. Thankfully we had another beautiful day and I was able to walk the kids to and from school. Hannah and Simon were rather wet when we got home from sloshing through all the yucky melting snow. Tonight I get to go see Music and Lyrics. I totally love fun chic flicks. I am hoping this one will be cute.

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woman at the well said...

Hope you enjoyed the movie! It is really fun to see the old photo of Daniel - you can tell he looks like Hannah and Seth just in general, but this brings it home! When Karl was little, he looked like Jeff, but now I don't see it so much; you always looked like your dad's side of the family, so it is interesting for me now to have a son that looks like a little me. Kind of fun, actually. But people tell me that you look like me, so there's a bit of a combination there, too, I think.