Friday, July 01, 2011


I'm such a slacker. I had every intention of updating my blog more this summer and I obviously haven't. Oops.

Last day of preK.

Last day of school for the big kids. Seth was still sleeping when Hannah had to leave at 7:15 for school.

School ended on the 20th. Woo, hoo. Oh, wait. Now I have to entertain them everyday to make sure they don't spend all day picking on each other... I do love summer though. Lightening bugs, beach, swimming, hydrangeas, vegetable garden, fresh fruit, BBQ, smores, and fireworks.

Some bugs I could do without. Like this bug we found buzzing around in Hannah's room. It's an inch long... creepy, no.

I finished the nine patch quilt top.

I think the quilting will make it all come together. You'll see. Next up is a baby quilt for Mark and Leann. Finally, someone is having a girl! I've made this pattern before and it's super cute.

Dan and I are preparing for our trip to Europe. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I have to ship my babies off on an airplane all by themselves. Start praying that they'll behave themselves and act perfect for Gramma Stella. Then, Dan and I board an international flight to London! Squee! Our honeymoon, 15 years after we got married...

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