Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I don't quite know where to start. London is a phenomenal city. I feel like we barely got a glimpse of it even though we were there for 3 days. We were staying a nice part of town called Kensington. On our first day there we wandered around a bit, but didn't go do the big touristy stuff.

Day 2- Sight seeing tour of London. After the tour Dan and I hoped on the tube from Gloucester station and went back to the Tower of London. We walked around there for a while looking at the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge.

Next up was Big Ben, which is actually the name of the bell in the clock tower, not the tower itself, Parliament, London Eye, and Westminster Abby.

London Eye, right before it started raining again.

Westminster Abby.

After our long day of sight seeing we went to see Harry Potter at the cinema.

Day 3- Our trip to Bath and Stonehenge. To be honest I didn't quit know what to expect with Bath and it was a really wonderful little town. I love the old buildings and it was really interesting to learn that the hot springs were used by the Romans.

The hot spring pools used to be at ground level.

Eating pasties for lunch.

I love the little things that are different. Let's play a game called, we say- they say. Yield- give way, carry out- take away, movie theater- cinema, under contract- under offer, to rent- to let, cell phone- mobile. There were so many little things, like the direction traffic goes. It's apparently so complicated for tourists that they labeled the ground all over the city.

Blogger and the internet are done cooperating with me. I can't seem to add any more photos. I'll post more later when I can.

Day 4- Edinburgh...

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