Monday, July 25, 2011


Love, love, love Edinburgh! Old town is a multi-leveled part of the city. Edinburgh Castle is at the top of the hill and all down the Royal Mile are little stair ways leading to streets lower down. Some streets you walk over have another street a few levels down below you. It's so cool.

Day 5- We took a train from King's Cross in London to Edinburgh. For those of you who are Harry Potter fans you'll recognize the train station. This is where Harry took the Hogwart's Express from platform 9 3/4.

Day 6- Sight seeing again! Around Holyrood Park, saw the Salibury Craigs, and then Edinburgh Castle. From there we walked down the Royal Mile to Holyrood Place.

Found my new home!

Front entrance to Edinburgh Castle.

Holyrood Palace.

Remnants of Holyrood Abby.

Day 7- We took an optional tour to St. Andrews. We aren't into golf, but it's the birthplace of golf for those of you who might like to go there someday. We went to the ruins of the castle and cathedral. The castle was so much fun. During a siege on the castle the attackers would dig mines under the wall of the castle. The defenders of the castle would dig a counter mine in haste to stop them. We got to crawl through the mine. It wasn't more the 3 feet high in some areas. The tunnel ended across the street up against a house.

Ruins of St. Andrews Castle.

Mine tunnel.

Tower at St. Andrews Cathedral site. We climbed up the narrow spiral staircase for a 360 degree view.

You could see the castle ruins in the distance on the shore.

We went to a science fiction bookstore called Transreal. Dan was so excited to find signed books from a couple of his favorite authors that live in Edinburgh. We also went to the coffee shop where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter! From where she sat she could see Edinburgh Castle.

The Elephant House.

J.K. Rowling pictures on the wall.

Her view as she wrote...

Day 8- Before heading off to Dublin I walked around for a while by myself. Dan's foot was hurting pretty bad and we wanted to give him some time off of it before we went to Dublin. I went back to The Elephant House for pictures and then I walked over the park on Princess Ave. It was so lovely. I wish Dan had been with me to see it.

Lastly, how could you be in Scotland without seeing this...

Then off to Dublin...

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