Sunday, June 19, 2011


Last weekend I went camping with some of Hannah's Girl Scout troop. We camped close to Hersheypark, so the girls could go to the park on Saturday. We got there fairly late to set up camp and the girls all had a really late dinner, but we were all in good spirits. Around 3-4 in the morning I could hear thunder in the distance. I knew it was coming our way. And, boy did it. The rain pounded down on the tent for a couple hours. The lightening was very bright and the thunder was loud. The tent started leaking! I pulled everything away from the walls, grabbed a towel and covered Hannah and I, and I used a blanket to cover the other two girls in the tent. Then, I tried to sleep and not think about the tree above us getting struck by lightening or getting washed into the river behind us...

The rain let up in the morning and we had a fun day at Hersheypark.

Hannah's in the last car.

All was well until we got a call that we had to move our campsite because the weather forecast was for 2 inches of rain and there was a flash flood warning. We took a vote amongst the girls to see if they wanted to go through another night like the one before or pack it in and go home. They voted to stay. I wanted to declare mutiny.

The troop leader fixed it up so we could stay the night on the floor in a large convention hall at Hershey Lodge. It looked like a refugee camp that night with all the troops that had to leave their campsites due to the rain. Some people had their tents flood, collapse, etc. Crazy!

Amazingly, through all the crazy rain we had a fun weekend. I'd even do it again!

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