Monday, August 10, 2009


It's finally summer here in Jersey. Hot and muggy! For fun today we turned on the sprinkler. Get them outside and cool them off. I sat on the porch muttering to myself that it was freakin' hot out. Thankfully we have window units to keep the house coolish (Yeah, that's a word). One of my lovely neighbors let us come swim in the late afternoon. I love that they have a pool and are willing to share. I'd hate to have a pool though. All the maintenance involved!

Hannah would fill the bucket and fit it on her head. Then she'd pull it up dumping the cold water all over herself. The shriek was quite loud!

I walked to the quilt guild meeting this evening. It was rather hot for a walk but it was only 3 blocks. When the meeting was over and we'd cleaned up and put the room back in order I said I was off to walk home. I immediately had 3 mothers all very concerned for my well being. "But it's dark." "Oh, please let us give you a ride home." "What if something happened to you?"... etc. I finally conceded and excepted a ride home. All three blocks away through the scary, scary dark.

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