Monday, August 17, 2009

New quilt in the works

It's time to make a new quilt. I still have an unfinished quilt top that just needs borders and I have two done... I just haven't finished the last two. This fabric however couldn't wait any longer. I swear, it needed to be made into a quilt.

Summer is coming to an end very soon so I want to do fun things with the kids over the next few weeks before they head back to school. Today we had lunch with Dan, went to the park, and then went to Long Street Farm. I do believe it was a bit too hot but it is summer after all. Tomorrow we're hitting the beach. Finally!

Sitting with sister on a bench.

Goofy as usual.

Even goofier! I can't get a decent picture of them to save my life!

Playing with the blacksmith.

Swinging in the shade... ah...

Seth had to show Puppy the horses.

How do you measure up to the corn stalks?

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Amy Y said...

I love the colors for the new quilt ~ they remind me of fall!! Great kiddo pics too :)