Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ocean Grove

We finally, finally made it to the beach! Woo, hoo!I was beginning to think it'd never happen this summer. I am a big wimp and I won't go without another adult to help me out. Hannah and Simon are decent swimmers but I have to be on Seth the whole time. I just need another set of eyes and I might need some extra hands too.

Simon and Hannah were disappointed with the mellow waves. I on the other hand thought it was wonderful. Helps to keep the kids alive a bit longer if there aren't crazy, strong waves threatening to roll them over, pull them under, and drag them off to sea... ok, I am a bit dramatic from time to time. Still, I like a calm ocean.

Every time I get a chance to go down the shore it reinforces the cool things about Jersey. There are no beaches in Colorado. There were beaches in Seattle but the water was always a wee bit chilly.

We got to do all the fun things possible at the beach.

Splash in the waves. Seth was a little excited.

Play in the sand.

Fight over the toys to play in the sand with. Hey, there were shells in that bucket! Fight for it boys, fight! Huh, you'd think I might put the camera down to stop it. I helped. Just after I got a picture of what they're usually like.

Don't forget to give your mom a dirty look when she has the audacity to ask you to look up to get your picture taken. I actually like this picture. :)

Cartwheels too. What, that isn't what you do on the beach?

Last but not least, get coated head to toe with sand.

While we brought lots of sand home with us, as usual, we left all our sand toys there. Someone (a boy of about 8) left them somewhere on the trek from the spot we camped out and the car. Guess we'll have to go back and see if they got turned in to lost and found. We might as well play on the beach while we're there checking...


Nanci said...

Great photos of an obviously great day too! I love the houses in the background. Wouldn't it be nice to live there?

ellen said...

I'd love to have a house on the beach! Who wouldn't?

Amy Y said...

What a perfect day!! I love that pic of Hannah, too.