Wednesday, August 05, 2009


My lovely assistant Hannah grudingly came outside with me to take a picture of the purse.

This purse is adorable but it took a lot more time then I thought it would. Since it's reversable you cut two outside panels, two inside panels, two canvas lining panels, and pockets for inside and out with the lining. Oh, and the bottoms. I think it took me as long to cut each piece out as it did to assemble it. Well worth the effort though. There's another purse pattern with the pattern I bought so I'm going to try them both out.

I forgot to share one of the best things I got in Denver. My SIL made me a wall hanging! It is so wonderful and I love it. The "Herd of Turtles" now resides on the wall in our back stair case. It makes me smile.


Amy Y said...

Super cute! I love the purse!

sunshine said...

Beautiful wall hanging! What a lovely gift to get -


Susan said...

Did you notice there were 2 large turtles & 3 small ones?

ellen said...

Susan- I did notice that!

Scylla said...

I love the purse! It rocks! You should absolutely start selling those, at least to me. :)

Susan I love the wall hanging! How did you make it? I would love to make on for my mom and dad for Christmas!

Susan said...

It was pretty easy to make. All you need is 2 pieces of fabric & some iron-on interfacing. I also did some stitching on it, but you don't have to do that.

I can loan you the pattern or send you the website so that you can see all of the different ones they sell.