Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow again!

Before bed last night the kids made sure it snowed a lot by wearing their pj's inside out, putting pennies in the window sill, placing a spoon under their pillows, and putting toothpaste on their little noses. I had never heard of these silly things before. Have you? Some kid told Hannah that this worked therefor it's gospel. I told them that the weather forecast already called for over a foot of snow and that school would most likely be canceled. Of course, now that the school is closed for the day and the snow is still coming down they'll think they did it. It's like the Indian Rain Dance. If you dance until it rains, eventually it will rain...

Dan tried to get to work. It didn't work.

So here we are again with a snow day. I love to be snowed in. I like the big, white, fluffy flakes all over. The only problem is entertaining the midgets so they don't drive me insane. I can't just let them watch TV and play on the computer all day. They probably won't last outside for very long either. Maybe some board games and crafts are in order. I'd like to play with fabric but don't I always want to do that?

Totally changing the subject here...

I really want a new camera! I take pictures and I don't like what the pictures look like. I don't like the direct flash but without the flash it's all grainy from the low light. Grr. I have no control over the pictures. You get what you get. Period. My mom suggests getting a Canon Rebel, any other suggestions?


No flash.

The pancakes we had yesterday were very delicious though. I made plain ones for the kids and mixed berry for myself. Yup, there's a reason I don't look like a model. I like to eat!

The kids are ready to go out and play. Let the bundling begin!


Amy Y said...

Snow! I am starting to forget what that looks like! Those pancakes look delicious... I am not a model either for very much the same reason :)

Susan said...

Beautiful fluffy snow. I have a vague memory of what that looks like.

Our grass has been starting to turn green for a couple of weeks now. Probably not a good thing

Solanaceae said...

I am holding out for a DSLR myself. I like the Nikon D60 Digital camera - SLR - 10.2 Megapixel - 3 x optical zoom and Canon's EOS Rebel XSi. I have a very basic digital camera that was graciously gifted to me when I had no camera at all. It's a great little camera but beyond flash/no flash and a zoom feature that can only be used when you are using the view screen I've got no control when taking pics. Although I have captured some amazing shots from time to time. The steam coming off the pot roast ( is one of my favorites!