Saturday, March 28, 2009


My daughters FPS (Future Problem Solvers) team is going to Nationals in Michigan! There were 7 teams at the junior level and the 2 teams with the highest scores would be invited to Nationals. They came in second. I can't believe it. They worked very hard all year and they truly earned this one!

Of course, now we have to figure out how to raise the funds for them to go. Our school is poor! It also turns out that it's the same weekend her Girl Scout troop was supposed to go to camp... nothing is ever easy.

Congratulations Hannah and the whole team. Especially to their teacher/coach!


Susan said...

Yea!!! Congrats Hannah!

Where are nationals?

Scott said...

Future problem solvers please make note..

Violence is not always the best option but it is always an option..

Scylla said...

Congratulations Hannah!!